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….we are actually having another baby!?

The love we received after announcing the news about the surprise of baby #3 was overwhelming! The texts, messages, phone calls, and comments showed me yet again how amazing all of our friends, family, and peers are. It was actually just what I needed. We were not trying for another baby, at all. Going back and forth about it for several weeks we had actually come to the decision that two worked perfectly for us, and we didn’t want anymore children! (funny how God works, huh?)
I know you’re probably thinking…uhhh there were a few different ways to prevent this! Trust me, we were very careful and did everything we “thought” were the right precautions.
It was very rare how we got pregnant, and we are still scratching our heads as to when this actually went down- haha!
I’ll tell you our story now!

Nathan and I have been working really hard to move to Spokane, Washington for about a year now. I am from there, all of my friends, family, and community are there. It is just where our hearts are at this point. I had actually been there with Ceyla and Samuel from end of July to mid October of this year. Nathan was coming back once a month for about week at a time, working on getting us there permanently.  Well fast forward, and our timing wasn’t God’s. We were both frustrated and confused as to why it couldn’t just happen the way WE had planned it.  This verse came to mind: “Lamentations 3:25-26  The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him,  to the one who seeks him; it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.”
Easier said than done, but we have needed to lean on that. We know that his timing and his plan is so much better than ours. Even if we never see the reasoning behind it, we trust him.
Here a few pics from our summer in Spokane!

These three kissin’ cousins could have played in the water and sand all day long! My two older sisters and I were all pregnant with these babes at the same time. I’m thinking I may need to share that story soon!

A visit to Yakima, WA where my oldest sister Jennie lives. All of my 7 siblings, their spouses, and our Mom slept under one roof for a weekend! It was INSANE but so much fun. That has never happened before!

Samuel and his cousin Bennett are only FIVE days apart! Fun fact: My sister Halley and I have been pregnant together every pregnancy. I was sure hoping she would join me for round three, ha!

OK! So you have the back story on that, the kids and I come back to Wyoming at the end of October. It’s a hard adjustment, but we get settled.
A few weeks after being home I feel like a BASKET case. Emotional and tired is pretty much what it was. But like…REALLY emotional and all of a sudden super insecure about myself and everything I was doing. I was thinking, “Dang…is living back in Wyoming really taking this much of a toll on me?” I think it had something to do with it, but pregnancy never crossed my mind.
I took a pregnancy test November 11th, and lo and behold, there they were. A couple very faded lines. The fact that anything showed up at all worried me, but I couldn’t believe it until I saw my midwives.


I go in telling them I probably have kidney failure (LOL total denial) and there is zero chance I am pregnant. They draw my blood, do their own pregnancy test, and almost like a slap in the face again, all positive. I say slap in the face because it was such a shock. My labor with Samuel was so horrific that I can still feel the pain when I go back to that day. I was not ready for this again.

Selfishly, I was not ready again. I wanted to start getting my body back. I wanted to start traveling and having my girls trips that I was so used to before kids. All selfish, and all thoughts that’s didn’t last. 🙂
So anyways, according to the day of my last period, I was about 8 weeks. Or so I thought. We schedule a 10 weeks ultra sound so they can really measure baby and see where I am at. Well the ultra sound comes, and the measurements are not adding up to my dates. We decide to get a vaginal ultrasound so they can really measure everything, with nothing else in the way.
Turns out I was only a little over SIX WEEKS. I was in shock again! Literally have no idea how or when this happened! But it sure did!
It has taken Nathan and I since we found out to be happy and excited for so many reasons.
At the end of the day we look at our perfect babies now, and know this baby is going to be just as loved and couldn’t imagine life without him or her. Nathan has 7 siblings, and I have 6. I can’t imagine not having one of them!
I know I shared my pregnancy quite early, but I almost needed it to feel a little more real and for the excitement to be upped a notch. It really has helped!

So here we go on another adventure of horrible morning sickness, back aches, no appetite, and wanting to sleep 24 hours at a time! Haha, and I have NO time for any of that with a two year old and 6 month old! Baby is due July 14th, so that puts me with three babies two and under ya’ll. I think I need Jesus more than I ever have before, ha!
I am so blessed to get the chance to be a Mama again. I knew it was my calling as a young girl, and here I am about to have a third. It is exciting and scary all at the same time, but I can now say we are joyful and embracing this news head on.


Ready or not, July will be here before we know it!


One more side note: We are still working on moving to Spokane! We are thankful for the amazing friends and family we have here in Wyoming, and in Colorado. Living here has been bearable because of you guys.

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