Treat Yourself

Hit the Road Jack

This last weekend I jumped in the car (BABY FREE!) (thanks to my amazing friends and family who took Ceyla and Samuel), and drove to Leavenworth, WA for one of my best girl friend’s wedding.
Let me just start by saying that I think packing and prepping for the three of us to go to three different places was just a LITTLE chaotic! I usually leave the house spotless before a trip. Since having a second baby, I make the sure dishes are loaded in the dish washer and the trash is taken out. Those two things were a win in my book!
So I finally got them both settled and dropped off. Actually I can’t say Ceyla was settled…poor thing was literally grabbing my hair and clawing my skin so I wouldn’t be able to put her down. Broke my heart leaving her, but I get a text from Aunt Katie five minutes later saying she stopped crying within seconds of me walking out the front door and the girls were onto snacks and playing! She really did have the best time. Thank the Lord for Aunties and cousins!
I cannot even describe the feeling of a kid-free car ride. I didn’t have music playing the first hour and soaked in the amazing sound of nothing. After about an hour of driving, I stopped for gas and Starbs and was on my way again. This time cranking out the old-school rap and Motown Christmas. Yes, Motown Christmas. One thing you’ll learn about me is that I am a Christmas fanatic, and holiday music is welcome at all times of the year. Halloween too early for a tree? Kidding. But not really…
The drive into Leavenworth was absolutely breath taking. The trees of all different colors, the mountains, the river… I had the biggest smile on my face just taking in all of God’s country.
I was giddy pulling into the cabin where some of my best friends from Alaksa Airlines and I were staying. We try to get together and do a girls weekend as much as possible, and no better excuse than Kayla’s wedding!

I ran inside screaming and gave everyone the biggest bear hugs, and we waited for everybody to arrive. It takes mmmm, maybe 10 minutes before the wine got opened and two bottles were nearly gone. OOPS.
After a night out enjoying way too much beer, dancing, and Oktoberfest with some of the best people I know, we went back to the cabin and I slept a whole night without the babes. Am I a horrible Mom for not waking up even once? Or just a really tired Mom?
We got lost for what seems like the hundredth time in the woods, and finally stop at this cute little cafe for breakfast. By then it was past 11 in the morning and I was either ready for bottomless mimosas, or 10 tacos. I got an Irish coffee and elk burger. It sufficed.

Getting ready was UHHH-MAZING. I was able to paint my nails and toes and actually let them dry. The wedding was a fairy tale. Kayla was the most beautiful bride. The views were spectacular and there is nothing that tugs at my heart more than seeing my friends so in love and happy. I could have ugly girl cried the entire time.
(Photo by Leesha King)

(My eyes are just a little closed…yikes!)

The food, the wine, the dancing, and the company were 5 stars. Going back to the cabin was bittersweet knowing I wouldn’t see my dearest friends again for several months, but that I also got to see my babies in the morning!
I woke up at 7:15am Sunday morning, and hit the road. Snuggling with my babies after a long and eventful weekend was the best ever.
I was nervous and felt guilty leaving the kids for two days but I realized that not only was it good for me to have a break, but it was good for my two sweets as well. Always take the opportunity to do something for yourself. You’ll be a better Mama at the end of the day for simply choosing to love on you a little bit.


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