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Baby’s Gotta Eat!

Whether you’re breast feeding or bottle feeding, finding the right products for both tasks can be challenging! I breastfed both babies for about threemonths before switching to formula.
Both babes transitioned pretty dang easy, and I was fortunate enough the first time around with Ceyla to have great suggestions on what bottles to use. She rarely spit up, and was able to drink formula with no problemo!
Samuel boy was a different story. He drank out of a bottle OK, but was super spitty and would projectile vomit after almost every feeding.
We started taking him to the chiropractor and that seemed to help for a week or two, and then it didn’t. I was SO hopeful that it would be the light at the end of the tunnel and help with his digestive system.
It wasn’t until we were introduced and collaborated with Twistshake that I really saw Samuel turn a corner with his feedings. Not only has spit up decreased close to none after feedings, Twistshake is an easy clean up, affordable, prevents the clogging of formula, and an effective way to handle servings!


If your kiddo is struggling, and you’re having a hard time finding the right bottle, make sure you give Twistshake a try ASAP! You will not be sorry that you did. I even have a discount for you’re next order! When checking out use the code mceybell20 ! They ship from the US so you will have your order within 1-3 days, and free shipping over $25! You can’t beat free shipping ya’ll!
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